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Tori Pool hails from the blood soaked streets of Laredo, Texas. A former high school dropout turned teacher, Pool contends high school is trash so she quit all over again. She focuses her spare time writing comedy, poetry, and screenplays. Admittedly, she’s just a just a woman that says “like”, like way too much for her age but like doesn’t realize she does it so like, yeah. A graham cracker from way back, Pool’s comedy focuses on the plight of educators, errant thoughts on marriage, child rearing, and whatever lies in between.


Blunders and Successes

Rejected from prestigious institutions such as Amazon Studios, Austin Film Festival, and San Antonio Film Festival! Tori recently told a story for TPR's Worth Repeating, "Alien" recorded at Brick Bluestar. Listen here.  She's fresh off of Altercation Comedy Festival 2018 in Austin, Texas!


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Happily a part of The Blind Tiger Comedy Club Co-Op in San Antonio, Texas. 

Come to a Friday show at 10pm and Midnight! I mean, I might not even be there. 


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